Here is how you get your driver's permit

1) Take this course

At age 14-1/2, you can take this course, and that will likely fall in the Freshman Year for most high school kids. Most students find that they are happier if they get a head start on this by taking it on the earliest school break that they can.


2) Go to the DMV


When you go to the DMV, you will want to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, or you might find yourself in a crowded office, and you will wait a long time. Click here to make the appointment, and select the test called "Learner's Permit". If you are aged 18 or over, you will still need to select this option, although you will get your Driver's License, because permits are for people under the age of 18.

b) Bring these items with you when you go to the DMV:

  • The certificate we gave you. You can look up your certificate number here.

  • Proper identification. You can find what you will need at GoGatherGet

  • A signed parental consent form, if you are under 18, and you plan to go to the DMV without your parent or legal guardian. Click here to get the form. You may have it notarized, or you may show up with your parent or legal guardian, and they will sign the form in the presence of a Driver's License Examiner.

Consent form

c) While you are at the DMV, you will do these 2 things:

  • Get a vision and hearing exam

  • Take their written test. Here are links to their handbooks in English, Spanish, and Kreyol. You will also want to take advantage of the DMV's free online PRACTICE TEST. Click here to find it, and take as many times as you would like. The appointment you made in step 2a was for this test.


After you have completed all of this, you will be given your Learner's Permit, and you will be ready to practice your driving skills, under supervision. If you are 18 or older, you will schedule the behind-the-wheel driving test and then you will be given your Adult Driver's License, because Learner's Permits are for those under the age of 18.




Now, it does not have to be a financial burden, but if you are not prepared, and you don't take it seriously, you may spend a lot of money that you didn't need to spend. Here are the fees:

  • $48 for the permit

  • Again, your first attempt at the DMV's Knowledge Test is free. After that, you must pay $10 each time you retake the test.
  • $6.25 tax collector service fee paid each visit to the DMV.

Here is where is can add up, fast! You can take the DMV's Knowledge test only twice in the same day, so if you are not prepared, and you fail it twice in the same day, you must come back another day to retake the test the third time, and you must pay another $6.25 for the tax collector fee, and another $10 for each retake, with a limit of 2 retakes on the second visit. Here is the comparison. As the cost for the permit or license is the same for everyone ($48), we are just looking at the varying costs of the process to get that permit or license.

Prepared person

takes test once

Unprepared person

takes test 3 times

Unprepared person

takes test 5 times

DMV Test Free $20 $40
Tax Collector Fees $6.25 $12.50 $18.75
Number of visits to the DMV 1 Visit 2 Visits 3 Visits
TOTAL $6.25 $32.50 $58.75

Not only is unpreparedness more costly, but it is so aggravating to have to make more trips to the DMV to get something done, that could have been done the first time, if only you had been more prepared. For those who are under the age of 18, you will more likely convince your parents that you are mature and capable if you show them how prepared you are for the DMV Knowledge Test on Florida traffic laws, and that will likely earn you some of their respect, and earning that respect from your parents will likely benefit you in various ways. It will also be easier on your parents financially, and time wise.