Here is how you get your driver's permit

1) Take this course

You can start at age 14 1/2

2) Go to the DMV

a) Bring these items:

  • The certificate number we gave you, you can find it here

  • Proper identification. You can find what you will need at GoGatherGet

  • A signed parental consent form, if you are under 18. You may have it notarized, or you may show up with your parent or legal guardian, and they will sign the form in the presence of a Driver's License Examiner.

b) While at the DMV,

you will do these things:

  • Get a vision and hearing exam

  • Take their written test. Here are links to their handbooks in English, Spanish, and Kreol.


  • $48 for the permit

  • $6.25 tax collector service fee paid each visit to the DMV*

    (see below)

  • $10 for each retake of the test. The first attempt is free.

Wait a minute...did I read correctly???

Do I have to pay more fees each time I do not pass the DMV's written test?

Yes, you read that correctly.

The first try at their written test is free, and after that, you must pay $10 each time. Further, you can take the test only twice in one day, and each day you come back to try again, they will charge you an additional $6.25 (tax collector service fee).

That adds up quick!

For that reason, read that handbook, study well, and go in when you are ready.